Contacting Larimer County Search and Rescue

Calling 911

If you have a search and rescue emergency you should call 911 immediately.

All states are different but in Colorado the County Sheriff is responsible for search and rescue. If you call for search and rescue, tell the 911 Operator as much as you can about the lost/injured person and the area/region you think they might be in.

When travelling, find out who does search and rescue at your destination, and how to contact them. Always leave information with friends, family, or a brief note on the dashboard of your car about where you are going and how long you will be gone. Be aware that trail parking areas are becoming targets for crime. Dashboard notes can help the bad guys but no information helps no one.

Red Line

Larimer County SAR Emergency Contact

Larimer County Sheriff's Office Dispatch: 970-416-1985

To request us for search and rescue resources you must call this number.

As needed, if our sheriff approves, we will send equipment and personnel out of county or out of state.

Please call as soon as you feel you need search and rescue. There is no charge for search and rescue! We would much rather be called too early than too late.

Red Line

Larimer County SAR Non-Emergency Contact

If you have general questions for Larimer County Search and Rescue please contact:

John Lee
Cell: 970-222-9872
Rick Arnold
Director of Public Affairs
Cell: 970-744-0634

Red Line

LCSAR Public Education

For detals about our Public Education offerings go here LCSAR Public Education or use the "Education" drop-down at the top of the page.

To better serve you and ensure your Public Education request goes to the appropriate person in a timely manner please use this form: Public Education Request Form

Public Education is a critical part of our mission. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

Red Line

LCSAR Office

1303 N Shields St
Fort Collins Colorado 80524-1014